• Brunton Boatyard Hotel, Fort Kochi!

    As many of you know, I have decided to finally bring life to my dream of taking groups of people on culinary adventures and decided that South India would be the perfect place for me to start. I thought that the CHG earth hotel group would be a suitable partner for my tours and after discussion with them, I embarked on my reconnaissance visit.
  • Mauritian Biryani

    n my humble opinion, the grandest, most special and one of the most refined Mauritian dishes is the biryani. The most famous biryanis in Mauritius are made by the Muslim community and there are caterers that only make biryani. It is a dish that is very time consuming and requires a lot of skill and as a result, is prepared for special occasions or by people who specialise in the art of making it. Indeed, a good biryani requires the use of all of the senses and producing a good one is a work of art. The aroma is distinctive and permeates the house as the biryani is cooking. It is one of the dishes that I have to have when I return.