Frequently Asked Questions

Are breakfast, lunch and dinner included as a part of the tour?

Yes, all meals are included.

How many people are in the group?

We take a maximum of twelve people.

Are twin beds available for shared accommodation?

Yes, twin beds are available.

During long drives, are the stops along the way?

Yes, we stop for breaks and photo opportunities.

Will airport and hotel transfers be available if we want to arrive a day early or stay a day later?

Room in the hotels depends on availability but we are happy to check availability. Transfers are available at an additional cost.

I have dietary requirements, can those be accommodated?

We can accommodate all dietary requirements if given at least two weeks advance notice.

I don’t like my food to be too spicy. Can that be accommodated?

Due to the small size of our groups, that can be done.

Are tips included?

Yes, tips are included in the costs, however, feel free to give more if you would like to.

Who accompanies us on the tour?

Rani is personally present during most of the tour, usually with another of our staff members.