Kerala Food Retreat

Welcome to our Kerala Food Retreat!

Our retreat is set in a calm and peaceful place, where we can indulge ourselves and our taste buds. We spend a week discussing and learning about local foods and traditions in a hands-on manner.

This food retreat concept promotes and teaches about regional food. Classes are taught by local experts for whom these recipes form a part of everyday life. We have taken great care in creating our menu in consultation with these experts who are well known in their communities for their dishes. The best way to get an intimate understanding of regional dishes is to spend timet with the people who have been preparing the dishes throughout their lives, using recipes and methods handed down through the generations.

 The scene is set in Marari which is the beach destination of Kerala. Due to the location, fish and seafood will be some of the highlights, however we have sourced some of the best cooks in Kerala to teach their specialties, ranging from Brahmin vegetarian to Anglo-Indian specialties. 

Your main host, Rani who lives in Australia, but hails from Mauritius with a strong Indian heritage, has taken great care in creating this theme, while maintaining high standards and ensuring that the original recipes and methods are maintained. She has over ten years of teaching cooking classes in many countries and is very excited to bring this experience to you.  We have taken great care in selecting our instructors and the selected instructors will be engaged in creating a relaxed atmosphere where the focus will be on the food.

Rani will be present for the retreat and will bridge the language barrier and cultural differences between you and the local experts.

We have set our dates from Nov 5th to Nov 12th 2024. To ensure that each guest receives quality care and attention, we have restricted the group participation to not more than eight. We have onsite accommodation; however, we can book resorts for people who prefer.


The cost comes to AUD 3950 per person twin share for those using our accommodation. If you would like to stay off site, let us know and we can go from there.

We require a deposit of AUD $1500 to secure your spot, with the remaining amount to be paid by September 25, 2024. Payment plans are also available.


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