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Testimonials - Rani's Cooking and Spice Tour October 2022

From John & Maryl-Ann Marshall:

Rani’s small group 10-day Cooking and Spice Tour was a perfect introduction to the tropical Kerala region of southern India. It was an incredible experience in terms of the food we sampled, the places we visited and the people we met. The experiences were varied and carefully curated by local tour guides. Each meal was delicious and memorable in terms of both the food quality and the settings where we dined. We had the opportunity of tasting local produce and spices and many of the meals were preceded by a cooking demonstration.It was extra special when we’re invited into private homes to experience a truely local meal and warm hospitality. The accommodation was top class and we were
always warmly welcomed by the very attentive staff at each property. It was encouraging that the hotel group, CGHearth, adopted sustainable practices. The highlight however was cruising the Kerala backwaters in an authentic old spice barge that had been converted into luxury
accommodation and being served delicious meals by our own private staff. I wouldn’t hesitate recommending this tour to
anyone wanting a very unique and delicious experience in India. Post-script:
Even though I do not choose to eat chilli hot food, my tastes were still

Rachel Watson:

Rani organised a wonderful tour for us, making
it a completely seamless and enjoyable experience.

Her local knowledge and contacts meant we got
to go where other tourists are not doing and had lovely meetings with local
families who were equally passionate about presenting the best of South Indian

She made it look effortless, but a lot of work
went in behind the scenes to give us the best experience possible. I would
highly recommend any tour that Rani organises as a great way to both have a
holiday and get under the skin of a very special location.

From Kim Jorgensen:

Back from the most wonderful trip of Kerala
region of India. I recommend the trip to those of you who would like a safe and
fun intro to India. No Delhi belly.

From Chaman Sidhu:

I thoroughly recommend Rani's food and spice tour to everyone, whether you are a seasoned traveller to India or are looking for your first adventure there. As well as the glorious exploration of all the culinary delights and spices of the region, the small group nature of the tour meant that there was plenty of time for relaxation and responding to the requests of the group. Rani's passion for her guests is matched by her care for the locals who extended their welcome to us, and their hospitality reflected this. I also appreciated the emphasis on sustainability and staff taken by Rani's hotel partner. This was an utterly delightful and exquisitely curated experience.

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