• My South Indian Pumpkin Recipe

    I have recently received several questions about the ingredients that I used in the recently shared video about my South Indian Pumpkin. Since it is a very versatile dish, vegan and gluten free it is suitable for most people and very easy to prepare. Depending on what you have on hand, other vegetables can be substituted for the pumpkin with equally delicious results.

    Read the recipe or watch my video to learn more.

  • A Visit to Pepper Producers in Kerala - God’s Own Country with Recipe!

    Throughout my culinary life, pepper has been an ingredient that I use regularly. I was aware of different types and varieties to a point, including Sarawak pepper and Tellicherry pepper and had sometimes used those varieties in food.  

    Black pepper, the fruit of a flowering vine (piper nigrum)  is one of the world’s most traded spices with Vietnam being the largest producer and exporter, even though pepper is native to Kerala, in southern India. Pepper is a spice that has been used since antiquity, both as a traditional medicine and for use in food. It was so prized in history that it was known as “black gold” and is still one of the world’s most traded spices. 

  • Mauritian Biryani

    n my humble opinion, the grandest, most special and one of the most refined Mauritian dishes is the biryani. The most famous biryanis in Mauritius are made by the Muslim community and there are caterers that only make biryani. It is a dish that is very time consuming and requires a lot of skill and as a result, is prepared for special occasions or by people who specialise in the art of making it. Indeed, a good biryani requires the use of all of the senses and producing a good one is a work of art. The aroma is distinctive and permeates the house as the biryani is cooking. It is one of the dishes that I have to have when I return. 
  • Rani’s Mauritian Fish Curry!

    Rani’s Mauritian Fish Curry  

    Many of you, especially those living in Brisbane have tried my signature fish curry. It is a dish very close to my heart and has a very interesting history. 

    This dish originates in the far south of India and as a result of  the colonial era migration can often be seen in countries with a significant Indian population like Mauritius, Malaysia and Singapore. During my travels to southern India, Malaysia and Singapore, and visits to Malaysian and Singaporean friends here in Brisbane, I have noticed that the fish curries are remarkably similar and I relish them all! I love the sourness from the tamarind as well as the spices