Indian Accent Restaurant, New Delhi!

The magic of the Himalayas continued as we headed to the airport to catch our flight to Delhi. We had great weather so there was no need to be concerned about the flight being cancelled and we had an outstanding view of the mountains from the airport. We were sad that our time in Dharamshala had come to an end but we were looking forward to dinner at Indian Accent Restaurant in Delhi, repeatedly voted the best restaurant in India. I had been looking forward to it so much that I had made a reservation four months ahead of time!

View of mountains from Dharamshala Airport


We arrived at out hotel without issue with enough time to check in and get ready.  


We arrived at the restaurant about thirty minutes before it opened. We were greeted with smiles and seated comfortably in the lobby with some water and the drinks menu. We were able to watch the team brief being conducted in preparation for the evening, while we enjoyed our drinks and the restaurant’s elegant architecture and design. 

While browsing the drinks menu, we forgot that we had been planning on the chef’s tasting menu with matching wines when we saw the pisco sours. My husband is of Chilean origin and loved the idea of having one so we did. First pisco sour in India!

 First Pisco Sour in India at Indian Accent, Delhi

I was very taken by the atmosphere and decor of the restaurant, simple and elegant Indian Style. We were soon led to our table and had a conversation the very competent and knowledgeable team member. We decided that we would have one Vegetarian Chef’s Tasting Menu and two Non Vegetarian Chef’s Tasting Menus. After the discussion with the team member, I knew that we were going to be served not only dishes, but experiences on plates. 

To my delight, when the food started arriving at our table, the first items were not even listed on the menu!

The first one was an exquisitely flavoured blue cheese naan, something I had never had before. My friends Nikki and Wendy can attest that I am a cheese lover as is my daughter but this was a burst of blue cheese savouriness like I had not even imagined! It’s definitely something I want to try to recreate in Brisbane.

Blue Cheese Naan from Indian Accent, Delhi

Next up was a delicately fragranced pumpkin sharbaat with a touch of garam masala. I loved the taste and the concept of presenting it in a narrow black cup and saucer. It reminded me of preparing food in traditional clay pots. 

There were several other dishes, both on and off the menu that were presented to us that I am having to limit the ones that I am writing about to my absolute favourites. 

The puri aloo was beautifully presented with spheres made of coconut placed in sweet pumpkin laced with pickle. I was  also impressed with how well the wines were matched to the food. Indian food is notoriously difficult to pair with wines and these guys did a superb job!

Puri Aloo at Indian Accent, New Delhi


I haven’t been able to decide whether the Chilli Crab with Sago Pongal and Peanuts was the jewel in the crown or the whether it was Kashmiri Morel Mushroom Musallam with crushed roasted walnuts and Parmesan Papad (also off the menu).


Kashmiri Morel with Parmesan Papad at Indian Accent Delhi

The aroma that arose from the mushroom was unbelievable, I kept inhaling before eating. 

We also greatly enjoyed the pomegranate kulfi that was presented in a miniature version of the pressure cooker that I use, ingenious presentation!

 Pomegranate Kulfi at Indian Accent, New Delhi

The chilli peanut ice cream cornets were also an absolute pleasure. Given that these are only a sample of what we experienced on that evening, I’m sure you can see why I say it was a great experience and one of, if not the best restaurant experience I have ever had. 

I will definitely be making reservations again when I next travel to New Delhi!

Chilli Peanut Ice Cream Cornets at Indian Accent, New Delhi

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