Food Retreats

Food Retreats Starting October 2024

Why Travel with us?

For people who are not used to travel in the Indian subcontinent, the idea of travel to India can be daunting. We ease you into the experience by staying in smaller, sustainable accommodations in areas that are not crowded and off the beaten track. This prevents the experience from being overwhelming and we are there with you to make sure that you are well taken care of. Our offerings include:

  • Fully Guided and Accompanied with Rani personally being present during most of the tours.
  • Private Tours available
  • Small, exclusive groups
  • Australian company with a Strong Base in India
  • Personalised Service
  • No Rushed Itineraries
  • Experienced Guides and Drivers
  • Small company able to provide individual attention.
  • Insider experience
  • Luxury sustainable accommodation

For many of us, food has been a lifelong passion, and indeed for some, it is their first experience of India, whether it be through sharing food with Indian friends or visiting Indian restaurants. Rani has always seen cooking and food as a way of encouraging cross cultural connection between people. We conduct these week-long retreats at our exclusive property, Heritage Marari, where our retreat guests are the only people using the property. This allows guests to experience a wide range of food experiences in comfort in a relaxed, intimate setting.


Guests experience a wide variety of foods that Kerala has to offer. This ranges from hands on cooking classes with Rani, with our family, visiting experts and local specialists. It includes a diversity of local cuisines from Brahmin Vegetarian to Syrian Christian seafood and Muslim (Biryani) specialties. We also conduct a range of classes in more specific items, such as pickles, fermentation, papad making and spice blending.

We attend fish auctions, visit vegetable and spice markets as well as local farms.

Details to be published soon.