This week’s menu for delivery April 17th!

Good evening everyone, I hope you are having a happy start to the week and enjoying the end of the long weekend. Thank you so much for helping me keep my staff employed, it is greatly appreciated!

South Indian Pumpkin

Here is my menu for the week. I am making some changes as in I will still have my 700g packets of curry but I will also have a single person portion of rice, curry and a side dish for $15, delivered to you.
Delivery is free for orders over $20. All curries are Gluten Free. Please share menu with family and friends :)

Butter Chicken
Mangalorean Chicken Curry
South Indian Lamb Curry
South Indian Pumpkin Vegan
Chickpea Curry Vegan
Mauritian Bean Curry (not vegetarian as it uses meat stock), nice smoky flavour, pictured below
Chettinad Tomato Curry Vegan
Eggplant Curry Vegan

Optional Extras:
Handmade Lime Pickle (190 ml jar) $10
Mauritian Chilli (Small container) $4
Lime Sorbet 750 ml container (using Suncoast Limes) $15
Parathas $3 each