Welcome to Rani’s


Welcome to Rani’s fun and interactive cooking classes! I hope you will enjoy the experience of Indian and Mauritian cooking as much as I do.

The food of Mauritius has often been described as a gastronomic dream with Indian, French, Chinese and Creole influences.  These influences and flavours from local ingredients have fused together over the generations to produce a cuisine with its own unique characteristics. I often prepare dishes from my homeland for friends here in Australia and I look forward to sharing them with you.

My friends often ask me to show them how to prepare the dishes that I make for them and I am looking forward to preparing them with you. We have a wide variety of wonderful produce available here in Australia and will together create some fantastic food.


“Hosting a cooking class recently was an effortless and pleasurable afternoon creating delicious food in the company of friends. We all enjoyed the warmth of Rani’s passion for cooking and cultures.  Her interactive and informative class had us preparing all the dishes from the raw ingredients with an explanation of where to source them.  Then cooking and learning the tricks to bringing the meal together was sprinkled with an insight into the cultural nuances and traditions surrounding these dishes.

I would recommend this to anyone looking for an authentic and fun cooking class experience, and with a group of friends, a novel way to enjoy a dinner party afterwards.  I can't believe anything this fantastic came out of my kitchen!”

Dotti Opray

Yoga Teacher, Milton State School Mum

Indian and Mauritian Cooking Classes

“Personalised cooking classes taught in the comfort of your own home where you and your guests make and enjoy an exotic dinner in a relaxed and comfortable environment.

“Thank you, Rani, your cooking class was wonderful. The food that we cooked from your menu was delicious. I learnt so much and loved the rice stirring superstition!

Anne Bolland